I have always been inspired by the joys in life that surround me….whether it be a song, a cupcake or a tiny bird. My art reflects the colorful treasures that can only be found in my imagination. The popular culture of my childhood still remains in my heart and my interest in current events can also be found in my work. There are always new ideas bubbling around in my brain. I am so happy that every day I can play in my paints and color a tiny little piece of the world.

I take special care in every piece I create. The detail in my work is evidence of this. I love working with my clients and I always try my hardest to give them something that I hope will become an heirloom.

I have a full catalog of furniture. Please askif you have a certain piece in mind. I’ve done everything from dining tables and chairs to nightstands.

I can also take an old piece and turn it into something new. One of the most popular things I do, is take an old rocker that belonged to you or your child and paint it for the new baby or grandbaby.

So, please take a look around my site, visit my facebook and twitter pages, and browse around my Etsy shop.